John Allison’s Bad Machinery Volume 2 Gets A New ‘Pocket Edition’

by Hannah Means Shannon

You’re not seeing double–there really is a brand new edition of John Allison’s second volume of Bad Machinery in shops this week courtesy of Oni Press. They’ve created a “pocket edition” and brought you comics goodness in a new format.
At 144 pages, though, there’s still plenty to read in this all-ages mystery story featuring British tweens solving cases. Hunting down missing toddlers and stalking mysterious beasts, piecing together the strange elements of their lives, these kids–and the nuanced world they live in–will charm you from the get go, especially due to Allison’s art.
Here’s a preview of the new edition of Volume 2:

Bad Machinery Volume 2, Pocket Edition, arrived in shops this week from Oni Press and is currently available.

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