Your New Favorite Fantasy Series Sword Of Ages Arrives In November

by Hannah Means Shannon

We’ve been anticipating this for quite awhile now, as the great Gabriel Rodriguez of Locke & Key, Little Nemo, and more, has been making intricate progress on his new fantasy series, both written and drawn by him, coming up from IDW.

Now, the first issue of Sword of Ages is available for order, and arriving for its first issue on November 22nd. The sword in question is a version of Excalibur and the young woman who wields it is “inspiring a legion of heroes” to struggle against an alien force. It’s myth meets sci-fi, couched in high fantasy. Which has always been a harmonious combination in pop culture, whether comics, fiction, or films, actually.

IDW are also teasing “horrific demons”, so get ready.
But what will really get you in the mood is following Gabriel Rodriguez on Instagram, actually, since he relentlessly posts teaser inks and process videos to share his passion for this project with fans.
Like so:

Lt. Isolt. Inking progress #SWORDofAGES #makingcomics

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And videos like this:

Inking #SWORDofAGES clip 9… #makingcomics (using PITT inkpen tip S)

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Sword of Ages #1 arrives November 22nd, 2017, and can be pre-ordered using the following Diamond code: SEP170459

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