‘Bank Robberies Are Awesome. But…’ – 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank Concludes This Week

by Hannah Means Shannon

This issue is described simply as “The Bank!”, presumably to avoid spoilers on this highly anticipated conclusion to a series from Black Mask Studios with a massive fan-following.
Written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Tyler Boss, with letters by Thomas Mauer, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank takes our would-be thieves and pits them against their own plans in this finale…for an outcome that this preview both reveals and obscures in interesting ways.

Each issue of the comic has been themed on certain fandoms, from Dungeons and Dragons to 8 bit video games and more, but the illustration style has also intentionally developed to be rendered with increased realism, according to Boss, as fantasy collides with reality for these kids.
Check this massive preview out, and you have to note the Watchmen homage page:

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank concludes this week with issue #5 in shops on September 6th, 2017.

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