A New Charity Helps Comic Shop Retailers In Need Stay In Business

by Hannah Means Shannon

A new charity has been set up, with an active Facebook page, to help comic shop retailers with the problems they face.

They describe themselves thus:

ISSUES LLC is a Comic Retailer helping hand, by the industry for the direct market comic retailers in need of assistance.

They also released a press statement, which they posted on their Page that explained that they have been set up to “help brick and mortar comic book stores stay in business”.
Their contact address is:
Helping Comic Retailers with Issues
27326 Robinson Road #117
Conroe, TX 77385

A fuller mission-statement explains:

The Comic Shop is the backbone of the comic book industry, but unfortunately many shops are struggling to stay in business in this current climate. The retailers that run these stores are passionate about comics but many lack the resources necessary in the lean times. Helping Comic Retailers with Issues (“HCR Issues”) is a new charity formed by several comic retailers who have banded together to help brick and mortar comic book stores in their time of need.

The staff of the charity are listed as: Executive Director Dennis Barger, Jr., Treasurer Jen King, and Secretary Christina Blanch.
HCR Issues is set up to immediately take donations, either monetary or items to auction, to raise money for the charity, they say.
If you are a retailer in need, you can request a confidential form from Diamond that will not be shared outside of HCR Issues.
HCR Issues was formed in the understanding of the “volatile” nature of the industry, and particularly looking at the aftermath of the hurricane on the Gulf Coast right now.
Donations can be sent to the address above. You can also contact a founding member for more information.
Contact: Dennis Barger, Jr.
Contact: Dr. Christina Blanch
Contact: Jen King

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