Preview: The Kingpin Makes Ronin An Offer In ‘Hawkeye’ #5 Digital-Only From Rosenberg And Schmidt

by Olly MacNamee

With both Mattew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt on this book, I am rather stumped as to why, out of all the Marvel titles to go Digital-Only, Hawkeye is amongst that list. One of the few ongoings, can it survive as just a digital release? Or, is it being used as a litmus test for further Marvel ongoing titles to swap over to digital-only titles? Out now from Marvel Comics.

Hawkeye’s relationship to Ronin has even his friends turning against him. He’s been lying about a lot of things. But you can’t lie to Captain America. Meanwhile, his war with the Hood is beginning to spin out of control as the people close to him are put in real danger. Having to deal with the Hood was bad enough, but now Clint finds himself in the sites of another former Hawkeye. No. Not her… Enter BULLSEYE.

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