Preview: Deadshot Takes Aim In ‘Wonder Woman Agent of Peace’ #4 DC Digital First

by Olly MacNamee

Wonder Woman Agent of Peace #4 is DC Comics Digital First title for Wednesday 20th May and available on comiXology from Van Jensen, Scott Kolins, Jheremy Raapack ,Hi-Fi and Romulo Fajardo, Jr.. This week, continuing to showcase a different guest star per issue and a great way to present the DCU to readers who may not necessarily read comics regularly, we have Deadshot taking aim. Preview below.

Story 1 – Deadshot has his sights set on a corrupt government official, and it’s up to the Amazon Princess to protect him from the legendary assassin—but does this particular target actually deserve to be saved? Story 2 – Steve Trevor finds himself in over his head while trying to  help Wonder Woman on a mission—but is he doing it for the right reasons, or just trying to prove something to himself?

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