Classic Characters With A Twist: New Archie Series Designs And More Revealed At LBCC ’17

by Gary Catig

This past weekend at Long Beach Comic Con, the Senior VP of Publicity and Marketing for Archie Comics, Alex Segura, held a panel discussing the current and future from the comic company. Within Segura’s presentation, he revealed character design work for some of the projects to be released in the upcoming months.
Jughead: The Hunger began as a one-off book telling the tale of Riverdale’s resident slacker turning into a werewolf. This October, the book will become an ongoing written by Frank Tieri and art by Pat and Tim Kennedy. Jughead already has an insatiable appetite for burgers as a human, imagine how much he can consume in his converted form. The series will be in line with classic monster movies and will have Jughead come into conflict with Betty Cooper, who is descended from a long line of werewolf hunters. Below are designs for Jughead and Reggie Mantle.

Coming in November, will be the new series Betty and Veronica: Vixens written by Jamie L. Rotante with art by Eva Cabrera. For this series, Betty and Veronica are the leaders of a motorcycle gang.

From Archie’s Dark Circle imprint, they will be bringing back The Mighty Crusaders later this year written by Ian Flynn with art by Kelsey Shannon. The series will be a classic fun take on superheroes and will not be continuity heavy so it can serve as a good jumping in point for new readers.

Set to be released in early 2018 from the Archie Action imprint will be an updated all ages version of Cosmo the Merry Martian.  The series also be written by Ian Flynn with no artist announced yet.  Below is early concept art for the character design.

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