Happy 10th Birthday, Time Bomb Comics!

by Olly MacNamee

Time Bomb Comics, an indie publisher here in Birmingham UK, will be celebrating there 10th anniversary on October 14th 2017 and in a crowded market place full of small press crash and burn stories, this is something to be shouted about I think, particularly as they are a local publisher.
In recent months, Steve Tanner’s Time Bomb Comics have been hitting something of a high note with the 17th century shared universe comic anthology Flintlock, but to mark this anniversary he’s turning back time in another sense, by remixing, rewriting and redrawing his first ever release, Rugamuffins Redux.

Time – an infinite chronal tapestry with endless interwoven strands that occasionally fray, work loose, or tear completely.

Rips in time.

When that happens the tear could spread, rippling outwards and causing devastating anomalies. 

Worse, it could bring about the Epochalypse.

So the Chronoverse has to be repaired – Fast.

And that can only be done by the Ragamuffins – Gorgeous George, Ruby Redd, Pussywillow and Lord Kevin – a group of bizarre Paradoxters tasked with the care and repair of universal time.

Release originally in 2007, Ragamuffins was originally a 20 page black and white comic from Tanner and artist Andy Dodd. But, unlike recent anniversary releases, such as Todd McFarlane’s Spawn No.1 Director’s Cut, this one is a retelling of the original out-of-print comic with all-new art from Mike Bunt and Ben Lopez and presented for the first time in colour.
The very modest Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders of this book has already hit it’s goal of just £800, but you can still get in on the action and crack open the odd stretch goal or two.
Here’s a preview of the first four pages of the all-new redux:

Happy Birthday, Time Bomb!

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