Sleazy And Horrific X-Rated Vinyl From Mondo This Week

by Olly MacNamee

I had you at ‘X-Rated’ didn’t I? Be honest.
Anyway, another week and another set of releases for your turntable, from the guys and gals at Mondo Music. And, after the cuddly, friendly Laika releases we informed you of last week, Mondo have gone for the jugular this time round. And the groin, it would seem, with soundtracks from sleazy Italian movies, Porno Holocaust (which is very much NSFW people) and Werewolf Woman as well as exclusive released from One Way Static with two soundtracks from the films Nekromantik and Der Todesking.
I can’t say I am familiar with any but Nekromantik, which is one of the grosses horror films I’ve ever seen. As is the follow up, which was passed onto me back in the day (and on VHS) by a friend who, as I remember, said, “Take this, I never want to see it again!” The memories of both films haunt me to this day.
But, it doesn’t stop me recommending both to any hardcore horror fans out there, nonetheless. Just remember it’s not only NSFW, it’s not safe period!
Anyway, take a look at the cover art and coloured vinyl and head on over to Mondo for more details. They’ll all be on release this Wednesday, 13th September through Death Waltz Records.

Porno Holocaust – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Nico Fidenco. Artwork by Corlen Kruger. Pressed on 180 Gram red, Green & White Vinyl. $30


Werewolf Woman – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Lallo Gori. Artwork by Luke Insect. Pressed on 180g colour in colour vinyl & housed inside a 425gsm gloss varnish gatefold jacket. $30

Nekromantik – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Released on One Way Static Records. Black & GREY swirl vinyl ltd to 200 copies worldwide. $25

Der Todesking – Original Soundtrack. Released on One Way Static Records. Black Smoke vinyl ltd to 300 copies worldwide. $25

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