Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.4 Recap: A Halloween Heist Filled With Double Crosses, Twists, And A Surprise Ending

by Gary Catig

This episode begins with Jake and Amy waking at 3 in morning. The two seem exceptionally ready for the day as each try to one up each other in their preparedness.  Amy is already dressed, while Jake is not only dressed, but has prepared his breakfast.  The two prove amateurs as Holt suddenly appears in the room dressed and already eaten Jake’s breakfast. Why the early start?  Well, everyone needs to be on top of their game because it’s Halloween at the Nine-Nine and that means time for the annual Heist episode.
[Spoilers for the episode ahead]
The target/award for this year’s heist is a WWE style championship belt for the amazing human/genius who has the item at midnight. Another change to the competition is that it is no longer limited to a select few, but open to anyone in the precinct.  As the prize is being raised to hang from the ceiling like in a ladder match, the lights go out and amongst the chaos, the belt is stolen. Suddenly, the out on maternity leave and previous year’s winner, Gina appears on all the computer screens wearing a wolf mask.  In a distorted voice she announces that she has hidden the belt and will reveal clues to its location for each her baby toys they assemble.
It was all a ruse as Charles and Jake sneak away and meet up with their accomplice, the Charles doppelganger, Bill. Bill was the one who swiped the belt and impersonated Gina.  As they revel in their accomplished plan, Boyle betrays his best friend by handcuffing Peralta to a file cabinet and leaving with his reward alongside his new alliance of Diaz and Terry.  They are tired of the same people always competing in the heist and want a new winner.
What ensues is the championship belt switching hands between the various members of the Nine-Nine through guile and double crosses.  Holt, working with his corgi Cheddar, lift the sought-after prize from Charles’ hiding spot.  Unfortunately before that, Cheddar was replaced with a more common dog by Amy and she comes into possession of the belt.  She stores the prize in her safe for secure keeping, but Jake pulls a switcheroo during an elaborate plan of subterfuge involving multiple people dressed straight out of the Handmaid’s Tale.

Santiago is able to see through Jake’s plan and follows him to where the belt is hidden.  She retrieves the belt but finds it has been slightly modified. In the ultimate misdirect, Jake has altered the inscription on the belt to turn it into a marriage proposal. As Amy turns around, she finds Peralta down on one knee expressing his admiration and adulation for his new fiancée. The crew end the night at their favorite watering hole to celebrate the good news.
There was a lot of zaniness that one can expect in a Halloween episode, but I was totally surprised by the twist in the end. All throughout, Amy was always one step ahead of her boyfriend when it came to the heist but neither her or the viewer could foresee what would happen in the end. I have not always bought the Peralta/Santiago romance compared to the Leslie/Ben relationship in Parks and Rec, another Michael Schur comedy, but I couldn’t help but feel a little tingly during the well-acted proposal scene.  Although maybe not articulated in the most romantic or eloquent way, Jake’s words of affection as he proposed were very fitting and Melissa Fumero’s reaction as Amy touched the right balance of excitement, joy, and nervousness.
We are only four episodes into the season, and we have seen a lot of growth in Jake’s character. He no longer jumps in recklessly into his detective work and takes a more thorough approach to ensure he doesn’t wrongly imprison anyone. Now, he’s taken another step into adulthood as he is ready to settle down and commit to Amy. I’m eager to see what other positive changes are in store for everyone in the Nine-Nine.
My favorite three lines:
Holt:  Where is my dog?
Terry: Aren’t you standing next to him?
Holt: This bitch? Please.
Holt: So where on Gina’s mobile should I place this moonless Jupiter?  I pity the child who lies beneath this solar system.
Hitchcock: Hello.  Blessed be the fruit baby.
Diaz: Hitchcock, you watch that show?
Hitchcock:  Watch what?  That’s my pickup line.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm on Fox.

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