Alan Moore’s The Ballad Of Halo Jones Reissued, Remastered And Recoloured

by Olly MacNamee

Good news for all Halo Jones fans out there, and I know there are a fair few: Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s The Ballad of Halo Jones will be remastered and recoloured and presented over three volumes from next April onwards.
And the colouring looks magnificent, if the cover and sample page posted on the Women Making Comics blog are any thing to go by, showcasing colourist, Barbara Nosenzo’s work on this new adaption and who interview her over her process in colouring one of the UK’s most loved and lamented strips from 2000AD.

Nosenzo reveals to Women Making Comics that:

…generally, working with the other creators is filled with mutual inspirations, but working on a already defined work leaves you a little less of creative freedom. However, in this case, I think I’ve been very lucky because I worked in really close contact with Matt Smith, my supervising editor. So I was proposing artistic choices and discussing the best solutions, so I don’t feel like I’ve only been a simple colorist, I actually feel like I had an active role in the creative decisions, and that was very fulfilling.

She goes onto to reveal that

…basically I work just like I’m painting on a real canvas! I really don’t use special effects and tricks, because they seem almost fake to me and I don’t think they look so good. But that might just be my personal opinion because I’m a traditional painter.

Read more on her mad skills here, of you haven’t already clicked on the link earlier on in the article.
And, look out for a very sumptuous looking The Ballad of Halo Jones Vol.1, in April 2018.

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