The Doctor Gets A Surprise In a Preview Clip From The Doctor Who Christmas Speical

by Erik Amaya

We’re just a handful of weeks away from Peter Capaldi’s final appearance as the Doctor in the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time” and the pre-airing hype is getting underway with a wonderful clip from the special featuring Capaldi, David Bradley as the First Doctor and Mark Gatiss as as a very confused WWI army officer.

But the First Doctor is also confused by the state of his TARDIS — or at least what the TARDIS will be like some 2,000 years in his future. And as the timey-wimey nature of the whole situation clouds his understanding, his 13th regeneration (the Capaldi Doctor) gets a shock of his own as the first incarnation announces his assumptions about his own upcoming regeneration.
It’s rather fun scene. But it’s also a shame the score accompanying it seems incorrectly synced throughout. I know you need the epic swell of music whenever someone steps into the TARDIS for the first time, but the scene has a lot more to do than that. Maybe the music will be altered slightly in the finished special.
Doctor Who returns on Christmas Day.

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