Stranger Things Renewed For Third Season

by Erik Amaya


At this point, it may just be a formality, but Netflix has announced that Stranger Things will return for another season.
As Entertainment Weekly notes, this is all the information we have as the Netflix press release lacks pertinent details like when it will return and its expected episode count. Which is not a huge issue as these details are no doubt still being worked out. But there are plenty of people hoping the show will reduce its number of episodes to generate a tighter story. Some consider the second season a little bloated, with one episode earning the scorn of the Internet.
Previously, The Duffer Brother, creators of the show, said the series was designed to last four seasons. Of course, they also originally envisioned the program as an anthology series, so perhaps a hypothetical fifth season will lead in that direction. Y’know, while we’re speculating.
The first season was the sleeper hit of 2016, besting high profile summer releases to become a cultural force with hastags like #justiceforbarb. Visuals also filtered into public discourse, like Eleven’s dress-and-wig combo. Of course, the best part of the phenomenon was David Harbour’s “We Will Hunt Monsters” speech at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the wild ride of expressions co-star Winona Ryder offered while standing next to him.
EW speculates the show will likely return in 2019, creating a potential showdown with the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones; provided such a rivalry could exists between a cable channel and a streaming platform. In the meantime, the first two season of Stranger Things are available now.

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