Broad City Recap 4.10: A Friendiversary And A Murder Mystery

by Gary Catig

Abbi wakes up next to a giant posterized head of Ilana, similar to those you can find at a college basketball game. Attached to the head is an envelope labelled “Scavenger Hunt” and a note leading her to her next clue. So begins the season finale of Broad City.
Each clue references a place significant in our two leads relationship. As Abbi goes from one point to the next, Ilana is there keeping an eye on her friend. Ilana is like a chameleon as she blends into the background undetected. First, she starts off in Abbi’s apartment hanging from a coat rack, but can be later seen on a rooftop observing from afar with binoculars. She even shows off her mastery of disguises as she pretends to be a bar patron and surprisingly, the back of her head can closely resemble a puppy.

The final stop of the scavenger hunt is a restaurant where Ilana greets her bestie with a matching giant Abbi head. Why such a fun-filled day planned?  Well, it happens to be their friendiversary. Unfortunately for Abbi, she totally forgot the special date. She feels guilty and tries her best to improvise a gift and equally enjoyable activity. It doesn’t start of well with a lackluster present of an intensive hydrating face mask after she was given a diamond necklace.
Afterwards, they visit the top of the Empire State Building complete with a picturesque view of the city through the quarter machine binoculars. They act like peeping toms as they witness various NYC residents partaking in their sexual kinks. One particular couple they see is getting a little too violent and they watch in horror as the guy throws his partner off the balcony onto the pavement below.
The two quickly call the police and bring them to the scene of the crime. Much to their dismay there is no evidence of a dead body our foul play. Soon they spot the supposed murderer walking down the street with a surprisingly roomy Burton bag that Abbi has been infatuated with for a while. Thinking the dead body is in the suitcase, the girls tail the guy hoping to garner clues of the crime. They shadow him to a karaoke club where he ditches the bag. When their suspect goes to the movies, they feel its their best opportunity to break into his apartment and search for evidence.
They approach the security guard at his desk and masquerade as the murderer’s nieces throwing him a surprise birthday party. Surprisingly, he lets them into the apartment and the girls realize white girls can get away with anything if they act dumb enough. Luckily, they look dumb, too.
Once inside, they overanalyze every little thing and equate it to the man’s craziness. In their minds, he has a cabinet full of cleaning supplies to wash away his wife’s blood and only a psycho would have a large accordion folder filled with take-out menus. Ilana and Abbi hear keys in the lock and they quickly hide in a closet for fear of being caught and becoming his next victims.

The suspect notices something is amiss when he sees a birthday cake that Abbi left behind, on his counter. Ilana calls the police, but before they arrive, the murderer corners them in the closet with a knife drawn. Abbi jumps in between her friend and the attacker and is willing to sacrifice herself so Ilana could escape.
It was all a misunderstanding as the man, Terry, has perfectly logical answers for all his suspicious activity. The victim was actually a sex doll and it can be top heavy which caused Terry to accidently drop her off the balcony. Also, the karaoke bar is a black market sex doll repair shop and he transported his doll in the luggage there to be fixed. There was no harm, no foul so Ilana and Abbi leave the apartment. By coincidence, it really was Terry’s birthday and at least he has a cake to eat.

The credits scene has our heroes in the same park on the same bench where they first met as seen in the season premiere.  Abbi finally confesses that she forgot their friendiversary, but Ilana’s known all along. They also discuss the shenanigans they’ve been involved in since they’ve known each other, including the night’s events and how empowering their friendship has been for each other. Showing off her witchy powers, as Ilana does a karate chop in the air lightning strikes and thunder claps.

There is no doubt how close Ilana and Abbi are, but each shows their affection in different ways. Ilana’s is the most noticeable of the two as she plans intricate activities like the scavenger hunt, and isn’t against providing more material things like the giant heads and the diamond necklace. She takes joy in of seeing how much joy her actions bring. Abbi, on the other hand, is more subtle displaying her love, but when push comes to shove, she’s willing to sacrifice herself in order to save her best friend. It was also very touching to bookend this season with scenes in the same location, as the girls shoot the breeze and discuss random stuff like their adventures.
Other interesting notes from the episode include:

  • NYC is a big city so it wouldn’t be surprising the variety of sexual kinks one can find when the girls are peeping into apartments. There was classic guy/girl action, old lady lesbians, a self fellating clown, and of course, the sex doll.  But shouldn’t people close their blinds when they’re getting busy?
  • Who knew it cost so much to get the giant heads made? $1200 for the two.

Broad City airs Wednesday nights at 10:30pm after South Park on Comedy Central.

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