K. Lynn Smith’s Plume Comes To An End With An Omnibus And Trailer

by James Ferguson

The fantasy western series Plume is coming to an end with a fourth and final volume from Devil’s Due Entertainment. The comic from creator K. Lynn Smith began as a webcomic in 2011 before being published in print in December 2012.
Smith will be running a Kickstarter campaign for fans to pre-order the fourth volume as well as an omnibus collecting the entire series. It’s set to launch on Monday, December 11th.  To celebrate, the publisher has released an animated trailer which you can check out below.

Plume follows Vesper Grey and her supernatural guardian Corrick in the Old West as they search for stolen artifacts and uncover truth about their past. I’ve backed the last two Plume Kickstarter campaigns and have greatly enjoyed the series.
K. Lynn Smith says:

This omnibus is bittersweet for me. I am so excited to finally have the completed story in my hands, but sad to see it end. It’s been an incredible journey, one that will continue on in some form or another, no doubt. Thank you to all those who have supported this series.

Devil’s Due’s Josh Blaylock added:

This has been six years in the making, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.  Plume isn’t just loved here in North America, but around the world even in non-English speaking countries, and we finally have the ultimate collection, perfect for its die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include the books themselves, enamel pins, prints, t-shirts, and original artwork.  I am going to be there on day one to back it.

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