Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.10 Recap – Gina Makes Her Return And Diaz Comes Out To Her Family

by Gary Catig

It’s the holiday season and the crew of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is doing their drawing for Secret Santa. Detective Jacob “Sherlock” Peralta, (he legally changed his name), uses his skills of observation and deduction and correctly concludes who everyone has been assigned. After he spoils everyone’s fun, they all decide to redraw names and exclude Jake from gift exchange.
[*Spoilers for 5.10 Ahead!]

The Nine-Nine is having problems with their internet. Everything is running slow and the servers keep timing out. Recently, Cyber Crimes has moved into the same building and their high use of the bandwidth has limited everyone else’s speeds. Holt and Terry decide to speak with Devin (Paul Scheer), the commander of the computer based unit, but aren’t taken seriously due to their lack of tech knowledge.
Still dealing with snail-paced internet, they decide to take a different approach. They plan on intimidating Cyber Crimes into boosting their speeds and they know the right person to do it.  Holt, Terry, Amy, and Charles pay a visit to Gina while she’s on maternity leave hoping to convince her to do their dirty work. They’re disappointed as the new mother doesn’t want to be involved in work business as she’s left that behind.
With no other options, the precinct sends Santiago and her flirting skills to deliver a meat and fruit platter bribe to the Cyber Unit. Still unimpressed, the unit commander (Paul Sheer) humors them and asks how many kbps they need. When they can’t give a definitive answer since they are ignorant to the term, he laughs at them.
Gina has a change of heart and comes to their rescue. She’s collected dirt on the commander and embarrasses him into submission. She drops such bombs as the fact that he didn’t graduate from Stanford, but Stamforb, an online college based out of Arkansas and how he pooped in the Reflecting Pool on his 7th grade trip to DC.  Humiliated, Devin concedes and restores the internet.
Motherhood has given Gina a new perspective on life. She wants to do something her daughter can be proud of so she decides to leave the Nine-Nine and start her own business.  She wants to run a sports league for other people’s pets. Amy and Boyle are able to convince her to come back, but not before she negotiates a raise and the ability to work on her business venture one day a week.

During the main storyline, the precinct is having an early briefing when Rosa asks for their attention. Usually a private person, she announces to her coworkers that she is bisexual.  After coming out to Charles last week, she wasn’t sure he could keep the secret and hence the preemptive announcement. It was probably a good call, as Boyle couldn’t even say “Bye” to her without being awkward.
Now that Diaz has come out to her friends, she’s trying to muster enough courage to reveal the news to her parents. She is having reservations, as they are very traditional and she’s worried it might alter their relationship. Especially since they have gotten closer since her return from prison. Jake provides support and even provides some eloquent words Rosa could use when informing her mom and dad.

Later, Rosa invites Peralta to dinner to thank him for his inspiring words. She is now ready to tell her parents, but unfortunately for Jake, she’s revealing the news at the same dinner as he sees her parents join the them. At the meal, Diaz gets cold feet and instead of revealing her sexual orientation, she falsely claims that her and Jake are dating.
When Jake’s phone rings during the dinner, Rosa’s dad (Danny Trejo) does some detective work of his own. He finds something off when he sees a picture of Jake with his arms around Amy as she shows off her engagement ring. Diaz admits to her parents that Jake is engaged, but her mom and dad are understanding and a bit relieved. Diaz was so nervous when she invited them to dinner, they were afraid they were going to tell them that she was gay. They attribute her nervousness to the fact that she’s a mistress. Enraged, Diaz finally tells the truth that she isn’t dating Jake and that she is bisexual, before she storms off.

Rosa believes her parents have come to terms to her sexuality, since they texted her to not worry about the previous night and that they are still on for game night. However, they just use this opportunity to lecture their daughter more. They feel Rosa is going through a phase and she will still marry and have a family with a man. Also, they believe there is no such thing as being bisexual. When she asks them to accept her for who she is, their silence speaks volumes and she storms off once again.
The morning after, Diaz’s dad pays her a visit at her work. He apologizes for his behavior and although he might not understand everything she tells him, he will try very hard to. Finally, he says the words Diaz was hoping to hear. He loves her very much and that he accepts her for who she is. Although her mom needs a little more time and they might have to put their game nights on hold. To cheer their colleague up, her second family, the Nine-Nine, decide to hold their own weekly game night with her.
Gina (Chelsea Peretti) finally makes her Season 5 debut and she hasn’t lost a step. Real life influenced this episode as Peretti had to recover and care for her child after giving birth when they filmed the first half of this season. It was great to have her back, but what took center stage was the Rosa storyline. Similarly, Stephanie Beatriz, the actress who portrays the stoic, hardnosed detective, recently came out as bisexual in 2016 so this episode is very personal to her.
In the scenes with Rosa and her parents, Rosa’s reactions are very true to the character, but through her eyes and subtle facial expressions, Beatriz effectively conveys the sadness and disappointment of not being accepted by her parents. I couldn’t help but be moved and became misty eyed, especially in the final scene between Rosa and her dad. Although Rosa is going through a hard time, it was very fitting that Holt, the precinct father figure, comforts with the words, “Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place”.
My favorite three lines: 
Holt:  I must say, this is going considerably better than when I came out to my colleagues.  They were not as the kids say, awake.
Jake: You mean woke?
Holt:  I did mean woke, but it’s grammatically incoherent.

Gina:  Gina, ugh. I haven’t heard that name in a long time.
Terry:  It’s on your jacket.
Gina:  I know, but no one says it out loud and my baby can’t read.  Which, I’m told is normal for a 10-week-old.

Charles:  Well, Gina.  As your colleague, best friend, brother, and ex-lover, I fully support your dreams, but do you really want to leave?

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