Celebrate The New Year With A Special Event In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

by Christine Marie Attardo

Wave goodbye to collecting candy canes and say hello to collecting countdown charms as Nintendo’s mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ends their holiday event and begins their New Year fun! This morning, as I logged on for my daily prize, I was happy to see a notice announcing the new content. To be honest, I was a little sick of collecting candy canes, but that’s probably because I binged the game so hard when that all started and got everything I wanted. Collecting candy canes after that was pretty meaningless…Nonetheless, it’s time for something new!
The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp team shared:

A limited-time New Year’s event is going on right now! During the event, you may get countdown charms when you complete requests for animals. Collect enough, and you can craft special New Year’s-themed items.

So, what kind of items?
Furniture that looks pretty dang fancy…

…and some pretty new clothes!

As I’ve said in the past, I am incredibly impressed with how much new content continues to be added to the game. Between the huge update with new animals and the gardening aspect, I feel like it’s too good to be true to be playing this game without having to pay any money. I will say, I almost gave into my “I’m not spending any money on leaf tickets,” reputation yesterday because I desperately wanted certain animal to come to my camp quicker…but I fought the temptation.
All in all, the fun continues in this wonderful mobile game. Don’t miss out!
The New Years event will be going on until January 11th!

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