Battlestar Galactica Meets Captain America In The Lost Fleet: Corsair From Titan

by Olly MacNamee

Coming from Titan Comics this April, The Lost Fleet is an original graphic novel from novelist/writer and New York Times best seller, Jack Campbell, and artists Andre Siregar & Bambang Irawan, set in the sci-fi universe of Campbell’s successful novel series.
Billed as Battlestar Galactic meets Captain America, this is a sci-fi novel leaning towards the more military in theme, but that’s not surprising when you learn that Jack Campbell is actually the pen name of ex-serviceman, John G. Hemry, a retired U.S. Navy officer.
Not only do we have a trailer for you, but we also have some interior pages for you to look over too, you lucky, lucky readers.

Set after the end of a century-old war between two space empires, the Alliance and the Syndics, Corsair centers on the story of Captain Michael Geary, missing in action after the Syndic ambush that almost destroyed the spacefleet John “Black Jack” Geary had to get home, against all odds! Forming an uneasy pact with rebel Syndics led by Destina Aragon, Michael Geary sets out to save not only fellow prisoners but their jailors, too – on the run from a government chafing at defeat and determined to crush any uprising! Can he live up to the legend surrounding his family name “Black Jack” Geary has carved – or will he die trying?

Still with us? Then, have a look at our preview too while you’re here. Colours are courtesy of Sebastian Cheng, who really deserves a mention when you see these pages.

The Lost Fleet: Corsair is available form April 17th from Titan Comics.

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