You Can Still Find Out Which Hogwarts House Is Your Perfect Match With Pottermore’s Valentine Celebration

by Christine Marie Attardo

I have to say, I absolutely adore how Pottermore has been handling the holidays these days. Sure, some argue that Valentine’s Day is simply a hallmark holiday, but why should that stop us from celebrating with Harry Potter. Yesterday, Pottermore announced their Valentine’s Day quiz which tests your knowledge of Potter romances. How do you think you’ll score? For a book series that was definitely not in the romance genre, tons of romantic, love-filled scenes happened.
If that’s not your cup of tea…perhaps you’ve always wondered which house you’d date? At this point you probably identify with a house yourself, but would you venture outside of your common room for a fun night out?

Here’s what Pottermore had to say:
“… find out which Hogwarts house is your perfect match. Will it be a chivalrous Gryffindor or an ambitious Slytherin who sweeps you away with their charm? While we think Hufflepuffs are the ultimate companions with their loyalty and kindness you might be better suited to a wise Ravenclaw…”

I’d personally like to romance a Ravenclaw…Head over to their website for lots of fun extras and happy Valentine’s Day things.

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