New Ready Player One Trailer Features Critical Praise; Explains Plot

by Erik Amaya

Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming Ready Player One is expected to open soft in the US. And the latest trailer for the Steven Spielberg film seems tailored made to combat the issue. Featuring critical praise from those who saw it at the SXSW world premiere last week, this latest trailer explains the plot and offers some of the “awe-inspiring” action which left critics cheering at the Austin screening.

I am, as always, unconvinced. My bias is always showing with this one as I am not a huge fan or Ernest Cline’s novel. In fact, main character Wade Watts, aka Parzival, is one my least favorite narrators/protagonists of the last 15 years. Naturally, the film has to be different because it is a different medium, starting with the way Tye Sheridan’s take on the character makes instantly more empathetic. But I’m still left with a lot of pause in regards to this thing. Will it just be a collection of “remember that?” scenes? And on that front, every time I see the Iron Giant in a preview, I remember the way Warner Bros. cut bait on the film and their feature animation arm; promoting the character heavily in this film while ignoring the classic they had on their hands all those years ago.
Which, I freely admit, is part of the complicated sour grapes Ready Player One seems to inspire with its use of nostalgia. But the studio seems cognizant about that antipathy, especially after their RPO remixes of 80s movies posters were met with scorn and derision online. Getting a fantastic SXSW response was key. Nonetheless, the movie will no doubt prove devise when it debuts on March 28th.

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