Madden ’18 Ultimate League Week 7: After A Long Hiatus, The Elite League Is Back In Action

by Gary Catig

Last week, the post season was set for the Legend Conference. For the remainder of the season, we will be watching the Elite Conference compete to fill out the other side of the playoffs. The last games played by the conference were way back in Week 1, so there’s been quite the break since the players have seen significant action. Week 7’s co-games of the week featured divisional head to heads with Abbot “Blocky” Lopez facing Joel “JoelCP” Crooms-Porter for Division A and Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen versus Taylor “SpotMePlzzz” Robertson for Division B.
In the first match up, JoelCP received the kickoff and took the touchback. He increased the pace by running a no huddle offense early on. On 4th and 9, he decided to go for it which proved to be a crucial mistake. He was unable to convert, getting sacked in the process and turned it over on downs at his own 31. Blocky took advantage of the short field and completed a 19-yard TD pass.
JoelCP’s second possession wasn’t anymore successful than his first. After making his way down the field, his pass into the end zone was picked off. Blocky would put another 7 points on the board after a 36-yard touchdown pass. It didn’t take long for JoelCP to respond as he ran the following kick off back over 90-yards to reduce his opponent’s lead in half. Riding the momentum, he would force an interception on the next drive. Afterwards, he would score a touchdown on the ground after a 36-yard run with his quarterback. Following an interception, Blocky would kick a field goal to take a 17 – 14 lead going into half time.
Blocky began the second half with an 80-yard drive that ended with a 22-yard touchdown run up the middle. JoelCP answered back with a long scoring drive of his own. He went 72-yards down the field ending in a 16-yard run. The competitors would go into the final quarter in a tight game with the score 24 -21, Blocky.
In the fourth quarter, Blocky would add another 7 points after a 7-yard run. JoelCP tried to rally but was held scoreless on his next two possessions. Blocky would be victorious with the final score 31 – 21.
In the other match, Kiv made his way into the red zone and went for it on 4th and inches. With the quarterback sneak, he was successful and received a new set of downs. A few plays later, he threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to take an early lead.
SpotMe began the second quarter with the ball. Two plays in, he was aiming for the end zone with a pass but ended up being intercepted. On Kiv’s ensuing possession, he went for it again on fourth down, but his opponent came up huge on defense with a sack, a turnover on downs, and the ball on the 17-yards line. SpotMe would settle for a field goal cutting his deficit to 4 points. Young Kiv would push his lead back to double digits after a 67-yard scoring drive capped off by a 20-yard TD pass. Before the end of the half, SpotMe would tack on another 3 points resulting in a score of 14 – 6, Young Kiv.
Young Kiv would be the first to score in the third quarter after a 15-yard run taking a commanding 21 – 6 lead. The quarter would end with that score, but SpotMe was threatening to score on the 7-yard line.
SpotMe would need less than 30 seconds to score on a 10-yard pass making it a one possession game. Kiv came back with another touchdown after a 5-yard run.  Any hope of winning for SpotMe was extinguished when he turned it over on downs the next time he had the ball. Young Kiv tried to run up the score and would add another touchdown on the ground. In the closing seconds, SpotMe would score a TD, but failed on the 2-point conversion.  At the end, the score was 35 – 19, Young Kiv.
Both Blocky and Young Kiv had a productive Week 7 as they finished undefeated. Each sat a top their division at the end of the day. You can see all the other scores from the week and the standings below:
Week 7 Scores:
Abbot “Blocky” Lopez vs Michael “Nobel Prodigy” Scott                                34 – 17
Hassan “Gos” Spall vs Nobel Prodigy                                                              12 – 10
Blocky vs Joel “JoelCP” Crooms-Porter                                                            31 – 21
Blocky vs Gos                                                                                                   13 – 10
Taylor “SpotMePlzzz” Robertson vs Stephen “Noble SteveyJ” Javaruski          28 – 20
Noble SteveyJ vs Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo                                                    27 – 6
Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen vs SpotMePlzzz                                                          35 – 19
Skimbo vs SpotMePlzzz                                                                                   30 – 14
Standings After Week 7:

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