C2E2 2018: Dynamite Brings Back Project Superpowers With Rob Williams & Sergio Davila

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dynamite Entertainment is taking part in the Diamond Summit in Chicago and ahead of C2E2 have made a major announcement about a revived title coming up in Project Superpowers.
Project Superpowers #0 will also be launching at the special introductory price of $0.10 cents, priced that way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the title’s debut in 2008.
The series will be written by Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn) and illustrated by Sergio Davila (Injustice, Superman). This #0 issue hits comic shops this July 2018.

In Project Superpowers:

An all new threat faces the Earth, while the team faces turmoil from within and must overcome all obstacles to prove their worth and value in a world that desperately needs its heroes. The Black Terror, The Death-Defying ‘Devil, Sampson, Masquerade, Green Lama, Scarab and more are all here as the adventure begins again.

Rob Williams describes the #0 issue:

In our new #0 you’ll see we’re introducing the new world via The Devil (Death Defying) and Green Lama. We’ll flash back to introduce new readers to the team’s World War 2 origins and how they were brought to the present via imprisonment in Pandora’s box. And then it’s introducing a brand-new threat. One not so rooted in their history. The main players, which include The Black Terror, The Scarab, Masquerade, are going to have to form a new incarnation of the team. And The Spirit Of the American Flag is hovering, watching, judging… A new host is going to be taken.

Project Superpowers #0 has a cover by Francesco Mattina (Dark Nights: Metal) that will also be available as an ultra-limited-edition virgin cover. There are also five sneak peek variant covers to choose from by John Royle, Philip Tan, Sergio Davila, Ed Benes and J.G. Jones.
Dynamite will also be publishing the Project Superpowers Omnibus Vol. 1: Dawn of Heroes, collecting three full graphic novels and the never before collected Project Superpowers #1/2 issue. This new collection coincides with the release of the new Project Superpowers #1 in August.
Project Superpowers #0 will be solicited in the May issue of Diamond Previews catalog, the comic industry’s premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and scheduled to ship in July of 2018.

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