Witness Where It All Began: Tank Girl Full Colour Classics 1988-89 #1

by Olly MacNamee

Continuing in the year long celebration of Tank Girl’s 30 anniversary, Titan are bringing back the original Jamie Hewlett illustrated Alan Martin scripted strips this new comic book day, May 2nd, in this handsome looking collection, Tank Girl Full Colour Classics 1988 – 1989 #1. Witness the early strips of one of the coolest and cockiest characters in comics today. Or ever!

30 years ago, the dynamic partnership of Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin created the first Tank Girl comics in glorious black and white. Now we present those punky, manic, seminal strips in full color, just as Hewlett and Martin would’ve liked to have seen them three decades ago! 

Compiled into six indispensable collector’s comic books, these prestige editions come packed with contemporary covers, and rare and unseen artwork.

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