Joe Henderson And Lee Garbett’s Skyward To Become A Sony Picture With Brad Peyton Directing

by Erik Amaya

Variety reports Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett’s Image Comic Skyward has been picked up by Sony Pictures for a feature film adaptation with Rampage director Brad Peyton already set to helm.
Debuting this past April, Skyward tells the tale of a world where the Earth’s gravity inexplicably reduced to a fraction of its original value. Twenty years on, humanity has adjusted to the near zero-g state. Into this world is born Willa Fowler, a young woman who has only ever known the ability to fly and stumbles into a conspiracy to bring back Earth’s original gravity. A plot which really bums her out.
“[Producer Jeff Fierson] and I are focused on making event films — regardless of budget or scope,” Peyton said in a statment. “Skyward is a big one. We’re very excited to deliver on what an anti-gravity movie should deliver on and be working with Joe Henderson on this.” When not making comics, Henderson is the showrunner of Netflix’s Lucifer, so he has some idea of how to craft characters into the type of event films Peyton likes to make. It remains to be seen if the director’s frequent collaborator, Dwayne Johnson, will sign up to be part of the zero-g adventure.

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