Welcome To Max: Orange Is The New Black Season Six 6 Trailer Is Here

by Christine Marie Attardo

While we’ve had the Season 6 release date for Orange is the New Black for quite some time, we have been waiting and waiting for a trailer. Thankfully, it has finally arrived. For those of you who might not be familiar with the show, Orange is the New Black was based on a true life account of a woman named Piper Kerman, (Piper Chapman in the show) who was sent to prison.
The successful Netflix series has been going on for many years now. When we last left Litchfield, we were experiencing a pretty intense three day long riot. It all ended with some of the main characters, Piper, Nicky, etc. hiding out in Frieda’s bunker. Take a look at the new trailer:

At this point, I think it’s good that they are trying to shake things up by taking the ladies to a new location. It seems like there might be some fresh drama. I’m slightly annoyed that Alex isn’t in the trailer because she always seems to be M.I.A. in cases like this.
If I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t too thrilled with the last season. I felt like the story had dragged on for far too long. I’m hoping that this new season revitalizes my interest in the show.
Orange is the New Black Season 6 premieres July 27th on Netflix.

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