Peer Into The Hidden World Of Spirits: The Soul Collector, Now On Kickstarter

by Tito W. James

Spirits: The Soul Collector caught my eye on Kickstarter because of its exaggerated art style. Using caricatures blended with moody colors and spooky subject matter is a unique cocktail. This mix of elements was pervasive in Spawn and other Image Comics from the 90’s. It appears that I am not alone in thinking that these artistic principles are due for a comeback.

Creators Colin Lawler and Joseph Grabowski invite readers of all ages to a hidden world of spirits and seers. Norah and her apprentice, Will must work together to protect Will’s younger brother from the soul-eating dark spirit, Canis.
The comic is available to read for free digitally on LINE WebtoonThis Kickstarter campaign is about collecting the first chapter in printed copies. So if you prefer ink and paper comics, be sure to reserve your copy of Spirits: The Soul Collector now on Kickstarter.

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