Anime Expo 2018: A Japanese Pop Culture Related Haul

by Gary Catig

Anime Expo is North America’s largest show to celebrate Japanese Pop Culture. It was held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 5 – July 8. There was so much related to anime, manga, video games and more and that included free giveaways and merchandise to buy. You can’t have a show without an oversized bag or free T-shirts. The NISA booth had an abundance of enamel pins and Viz Media handed out their FCBD My Hero Academia and a Manga sampler.

There were many talented artists tabling at the show and I picked up a Crush commission to add to my sketchbook from the very talented Filipino artist, Arielle Jovellanos. I was also fortunate enough to meet famed video game character designer, Takehito Harada. I received his autograph and he even made a little remark of a Prinny.

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