A Major Secret Shakes The Marvel Universe In Hunt for Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda #3

by Tony Thornley

I’ve never been a huge Wolverine fan, until Tom Taylor came along.

Tom was one of those creators whose work I’d liked, but when he launched All-New Wolverine he became one of my “must-read” creators. Naturally that meant when the Hunt for Wolverine mini series started, I gravitated to The Adamantium Agenda, especially considering the cast included some of my Marvel Universe favorites.
Taylor’s been joined in this series by artists RB Silva & Adriano di Benedetto, color artist Guru-eFX and letterer Joe Sabino. The entire creative team has been firing on all cylinders this entire series, building a great story about Logan’s importance to the Marvel Universe as a whole, and really elevating a key X-Men foe to a status as potentially one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe. Issue #3 of the series sets us up for an epic conclusion, and hopefully some epic future stories! (**Warning, here be spoilers!)
Laura Kinney has joined Iron Man, Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones aboard the black market submarine they’ve found themselves trapped in. Their enemy has been unmasked as none other than Mister Sinister, and four of the five heroes try to stop him from escaping (Luke is being used as a human patch in the broken hull of the submarine). Unfortunately, he teleports away. Not-so-unfortunately, he leaves behind his lackeys, which leads to the group getting the information they need.
Sinister has a base in the South Pacific. The Avengers suit up in personalized Iron Man armor and bust in. What they find though is horrifying. They were told Sinister was building a DNA database. They assumed it was superhero DNA. They find… it’s probably every person on the planet.

Taylor really write the hell out of this story. It’s not just an action story about Iron Man and a group of Avengers trying to find a friend’s missing body (which was the catalyst of the series). It’s turned into an epic Avengers adventure, as well as transforming Sinister into a threat to the entire universe.
I love all of this. Sinister has always been creepy and nefarious, but this puts him at a whole new level. What is he planning, and what can he do with this information? It’s all sort of thrilling prospects, and knowing Taylor it’s a plot he plans on continuing beyond this series.
Beyond that, he writes the group of leads wonderfully. The history among the characters is genuine. The banter and camaraderie feels earned, not manufactured. As a huge Spider-Man fan, it’s nice to see a writer treat him as a character who’s gained his peers’ respect, not just an annoyance.
As for the art… if this isn’t RB Silva’s breakout book, it’s just right around the corner. Silva and di Benedetto evoke former New Avengers artist and comics legend Stuart Immonen quite a bit here. It’s fitting considering the team is the core of the Avengers team Immonen drew back during the New Avengers era.
Silva and di Benedetto have a clean, fluid line. Their action and clear and exciting. Nothing feels static, which is so great for a fast paced story like this. I also LOVE the designs of the armors each character wears in the latter half of the issue. There’s some real thought and care put in the designs, and they look great.
Guru has a lot of fun with the color effects and give us a great amount of depth. The best color art enhances a story. That’s really what Guru does here. It looks great.

This isn’t a Wolverine story. Sure, his presence and his spirit is driving a lot of it. This isn’t even an Avengers story. It’s a Marvel Universe story in all the best ways, interconnecting the universe in such a great way. I’d love to see the repercussions of this resonate for the universe as a whole for a while, and I’d love to see this creative team be the ones to do it.
Check it out today!

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