Song In The Sky – Cartoons Are Taken To New Heights

by Tito W. James

When’s the last time you saw an animated series that was epic? And I mean, really epic! The kind of story where the world ending is just the beginning. In the pilot for Song In The Sky, we are introduced to a world of floating cities powered by crystals harvested from vengeful gods.

The pilot dazzles with spectacle but also strikes hard emotionally. Song In The Sky is undoubtedly mature and with a greater focus on narrative rather than humor. The art direction incorporates 2D and 3D elements and could look really seamless if refined for a TV series.
It appears that the creator, Sam Frederich, is more concerned with creating the kind of show he’d like to watch rather than what networks know will sell. There’s a wave of new creators trying to bring their ideas to life. If young animators pitch more shows geared towards older audiences, we could develop a more exciting animated landscape.

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