Jason Lutes Goes On Tour For The Finale And Omnibus Edition Of Berlin

by Hannah Means Shannon

Jason Lutes will be on tour this fall with the third and final volume of the series, as well as the completed omnibus edition of Berlin, the graphic novel that he’s been publishing in installments for the past twenty years. Berlin tells the story of the city’s citizens before the fall of the Weimar Republic.
Publisher Drawn + Quarterly explains:

Berlin is an intricate look at the fall of the Weimar Republic through the eyes of its citizens—Marthe Müller: a young woman escaping the memory of a brother killed in World War One; Kurt Severing: an idealistic journalist losing faith in the printed word as fascism and extremism take hold; the Brauns: a family torn apart by poverty and politics. Lutes weaves these characters’ lives into the larger fabric of a city slowly ripping apart.
The city itself is the central protagonist in this historical fiction. Lavish salons, crumbling sidewalks, dusty attics, and train stations: all these places come alive in Lutes’ masterful hand. Weimar Berlin was the world’s metropolis, where intellectualism, creativity, and sensuous liberal values thrived, and Lutes maps its tragic, inevitable decline. Devastatingly relevant and beautifully told, Berlin is one of the great epics of the comics medium.

Come out and celebrate this major achievement in comics at one of Lutes’ signing events.
Lutes will be making stops in Maryland, New York, Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, Quebec, Texas, Washington, and Oregon.
Here’s a look at that tour:

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