Bluefin Opens Up Pre-Orders On Transformers, Video Game & Anime Collectibles

by Gary Catig

Bluefin is the leading distributor of Japanese toys and collectibles and recently they put up for pre-order several products that span Transformers, video games and anime.
First off, from Flame Toys, comes the Transformers Starscream Furai model kit. Piece together this kit to assemble a near six-inch replica of one of the most popular Decepticons. His appearance is based off of the Starscream in the IDW comics. He will cost $38.00 and will be available this November.

Storm Collectibles is well known for creating action figures based off of video games, especially fighting ones. From the world of Capcom’s Street Fighter, come Violent Ken and Evil Ryu. Both stand seven inches tall, will retail for $75 and will be released in October. Pictured is Evil Ryu.

For those who played The King of Fighters series on the Neo Geo, you can collect Omega Rugal. He is slightly larger than the Street Fighter figures coming in at eight inches and will also carry a slightly higher price tag of $80. Rugal will come out in January 2019.

Finally, from the classic anime series, Getter Robo, come two high end premium figures produced by SEN-TI-NEL. There is the Getter Robo Shin Getter 1 Black Version “Riobot” which is eight inches tall. It will be released this December and will cost $420.

For a slightly lower price of $300, there is the Getter Robo Getter 1 Devolution “The Last 3 Minutes of the Universe” Riobot. Expect this figure in January 2019.

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