Check Out Victor Santos’ Gutsy New Webcomic

by Tito W. James

Following his successful webcomic Polar, Victor Santos returns to the world of survival and exploitation for his latest project Guts. Santos wanted to release a new webcomic as part of a desire to work with ink-washed colors and more traditional tools.

Guts is intended to be the Polar-opposite of Santos’ previous webcomic. Instead of a super-spy who is able to defeat a thousand enemies, the story of Guts follows a black teenage girl trying to escape from Neo-Nazis. Our unnamed heroine will have to learn how to fight while on the run.

Unless I am mistaken, pages 3 and 4 from chapter 4 are out of order.
Santos excels at making comics his own way. Silent storytelling paired with controversial subject matter are audacious choices in the comic medium. However these elements are knit into a cohesive whole to deliver a visceral thriller.

Yes, there’s blood and gore, but there are also moments of gothic tranquility that only add to the looming dread. Santos makes the most of traditional artistic tools and Guts is his best-looking comic to date.

Guts is a quick read that packs a punch. The art feels modern in terms of pacing and paneling, yet classic in terms of illustration. I hope that, like Polar, we can have a hard copy of Guts with supplemental material added.
You can read Guts right now at

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