Star Wars: Age Of Resistance- Finn #1 Builds The Foundations Of A Hero

by Tony Thornley

Finn is unlike any hero in Star Wars canon- a hero whose journey started in villainy and grows more and more by the moment. However, that journey didn’t start on Jakku in The Force Awakens, and Star Wars: Age of Resistance- Finn #1 gives us a snapshot of that journey.

Cover by Phil Noto

Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas, Guru-eFx, and Travis Lanham take us into the early days of Finn’s journey to heroism.

FN-2187 is just a janitor on Starkiller Base, but he has dreams of grander adventures across the galaxy. That means when the opportunity comes to help take care of an infestation on a First Order world. However, FN-2187 realizes there might be much more to the infestation than he’s being told, and faces a difficult choice.

Taylor has a great grasp of Finn’s voice immediately. Even though he’s still FN-2187 through the story, he’s still the same recognizable hero we’ve come to love from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, he’s just starting the journey to get to that point here. His sense of justice isn’t just something he’s struggling with, it’s fully formed. It also shows us the inner workings of the First Order better than we’ve seen in a long time, and though it may be similar to the Empire there’s a sense of cruelty that the Empire never quite gave us, at least not to this extent.

Rosanas has grown so much as an artist the last few years, and we see more of that great growth here. The story is relatively straightforward, and he uses rigid panel structure to show us where we are- deep in a fascist, repressive regime. However, he does bring beauty to it, when Finn discovers the nest of the creatures he’s there to hunt, in a series of awe-inspiring and beautiful pages which also includes amazing work by the Guru-eFx team. He also does some fantastic work with body language- when the Stormtroopers are fully armored, it’s still evident which one is Finn, just through his body language and mannerisms.

If anything, this one-shot is a proof of concept for a full series with this creative team and these characters. I’d love to revisit Finn’s early days, or even the era between Last Jedi and the upcoming Rise of Skywalker, with this creative team.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance- Finn #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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