The Connection Between Mather And Lindbergh In Descendent #3

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Cotton Mather was a Puritan leader of the early American colonies who helped lead the Salem Witch Trials, and he used this moment of hysteria and opportunity to start an organization that would root out and stop witchcraft and impurity no matter where, when, or how it manifested. John Gedney is deputy director of the FBI and was once part of this organization, and he is trusting in David Corey to bring it down. Unfortunately, the FBI has tracked David to John’s house, and they think that David kidnapped John.

Descendent #3 cover by Juan Doe
Descendent #3 cover by Juan Doe

Descendent #3 expands and deepens the history of the cult haunts David Corey. It gets an origin, a motive, and more clear connection to Charles Lindbergh and his son. 
This issue is a bit of an exposition dump, consequently, but it still flies by surprisingly quickly. The origins of the mysterious cult are quickly explained, and we return to the main plot with still about half the comic to go. The pacing is quick from there, and David remains a solid and endearing lead character.
Like many conspiracy narratives, the plot remains a bit ridiculous and connects very disparate figures and points in history to construct its framework. That said, that brings some of the charm to the book too. Where else have you heard a connection drawn between Cotton Mather and Charles Lindbergh?
Descendent #3 art by Evgeniy Bornyakov and Lauren Affe with letters from A Larger World Studio's Troy Peteri
Descendent #3 art by Evgeniy Bornyakov and Lauren Affe with letters from A Larger World Studio’s Troy Peteri

Evgeniy Bornyakov’s artwork continues to be quite solid, and giving the world of Descendent a fluid and distinct aesthetic that matches the somewhat cartoonish qualities of the plot. It also just looks damn good and is aided well by the color art of Lauren Affe.
Descendent #3 is an entertaining entry in this conspiracy theory narrative. The origins of the antagonistic cult are revealed and are fairly interesting, and the action and pace of the comic are quick considering how much exposition is given to the audience. This one gets a recommendation. Pick it up.
Descendent #3 comes to us from writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Evgeniy Bornyakov, color artist Lauren Affe, letterer A Larger World Studio’s Troy Peteri, and cover artist Juan Doe.
Final Score: 7.5/10

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