NYCC 2018: Hellboy Panel Debuts First Footage And Hints At A Possible Cameo

by Tito W. James

During the Hellboy panel at New York Comic Con the actors and Hellboy’s creator Mike Mignola spoke about the new film. First, Mignola and the cast expressed how much respect they had for the previous Hellboy movies and but this interpretation would be darker, more horror, focused and be a closer to the comics.
Even out of costume David Harbour is Hellboy brought to life. Harbour is a funny rascal who you could easily envision punching a demon in the face while yelling “BOOM!”
The emotional center of this Hellboy movie is the dynamic between Hellboy and Prof. Bruttenholm (Ian Mcshane). Hellboy has basically been raised to be a serial killer of demons. Hellboy has to wrestle with the fact that he doesn’t fit into the realm of humans and that by killing demons he is essentially destroying his own family. This paradox is something that the Blood Queen (Milla Jovonich) will exploit to manipulate Hellboy.

Another character could make a possible appearance. When answering a question from the audience Harbour exclaimed that there was one BPRD character who he was very excited for and wanted to spoil. The mic had to be wrestled from his grasp but he managed to say “wait and see” while making a snapping motion with his hand. From this I can speculate that the film may feature Lobster Johnson. The cast on Imdb lists Mark Basnight as a Key BPRD Agent.

The footage of the Hellboy Reboot has largely been kept under-wraps and at New York Comic Con we finally got our first sneak peek.
From the footage shown the new Hellboy film looked very similar to the previous Del Toro movies. This includes the campy jokes and not quite real-looking practical effects. Interspersed between the trailer was the tagline “Saving the world just for the Hell of it.” The video ended with the Hellboy logo alit with poorly rendered CG fire.
From what I’ve seen I’d say the Hellboy reboot looks like a mixed bag. The cast is excellent but the footage looked like something from the last decade. Still, Harbour’s performance may carry the film, so this new movie might be fun to watch “just for the Hell of it.”

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