Analysis And Autopsies: Preview Heroes In Crisis #2

by Olly MacNamee

Out this week, Heroes In Crisis #2 from DC Comics, continues where the first issue left us, with bodies aplenty lying dead on the floor and the surviving heroes left to sift through the pieces and begin the painful job of investigating and autopsies. Starting with Citizen Steel, one of the fallen. Check out our preview now and don’t forget to pick up your copy when you visit your comic book store next.
It’s written by Tom King with Clay Mann supported this issue by fellow artist Travis Moore, with colours by Tomeu Morey and Arif Prianto.

Suspected of murder, [redacted] and [redacted] find themselves on the run from the super-hospital called Sanctuary, with each thinking the other one is the real killer! It’s up to Batman to solve this heinous crime, but suspicion falls on him when Superman and Wonder Woman ponder just how much Sanctuary’s A.I. is telling them. Meanwhile, [redacted] tries to make a shady deal to hide from the Trinity, while [redacted] searches out an old friend to help him out of this mess-and only gets deeper in trouble.

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