Marvel Teases Terrifying Times for The Uncanny X-Men In February

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics just relaunched Uncanny X-Men and the publisher is already looking towards the end. I could make a cynical comment about how quickly we’re going through relaunches. Instead, let’s take a look at the teaser images for Uncanny X-Men #11 and Uncanny X-Men #12, due out in February 2019.

Pretty ominous, huh? This issue is written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Salvador Larroca (who also did that cover).
Rosenberg says:

This is the fight to save mutantkind, the fight to restore their legacy, and this is the fight for their lives. This is forever.

It’s clear that we’re in for something big here. It will be tough to wait until February to see how this plays out.

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