DesignerCon 2018: New Cowboy Bebop Collection From Dumbgood

by Gary Catig

Dumbgood is a streetwear lifestyle brand inspired by pop culture. Rather than partnering up with big name, hot selling franchises, they choose to focus on properties with a passionate following that shifts the cultural needle. The anime, Cowboy Bebop, premiered in 1998 and in order to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Dumbgood launched a new line of officially licensed merchandise influenced by the series.
At this year’s Designer Con, we were able to preview the collection which comes from the mind of creative director, Amelia Muqbel. When developing the aesthetic, they zeroed in on key moments of the show which can be seen in the screen caps of scenes on some of their products. They also drew upon the opening credits for their color choice and incorporation of type treatments. In addition, the Cowboy Bebop line was the company’s first foray outside of apparel since it includes phone cases, slides and bags. Take a look at some of the line below.

To see the entire collection and to order any of the products, visit the website here. It is definitely an eye-catching line that pays homage to the iconic anime series.

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