Gobelins Animated Shorts Of November

by Tito W. James

Gobelins L’école De L’image continues to amaze with another month of graduation films. These shorts are darker in tone, which is appropriate as we head into a season of shorter days. The color yellow is recurring and in the first three shorts, it serves as the introduction of a fantastic element. The graduation films tackle a variety of subject matter in equally varied art styles.
Remember to turn on the subtitles in your YouTube player.

A young boy comes to terms with the passing of his grandfather.

A man struggles with an addiction to digital friends in a world that looks all too similar to our own.

A society of Ostriches questions whether they are ready to live without their heads in the earth.

Two boys sneak away from the watchful eyes of adults and share more than just a kiss.

An old man tries to keep a promise made to his daughter by watering a tree in a harrowing desert.
You can keep up to date with new Gobelins animated content on their YouTube channel.

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