Chella Man And Chelsea T. Zhang Join The Wilson Family On DC Universe’s Titans

by Erik Amaya


When word broke that Esai Morales would play Slade Wilson — aka Deathstroke — on DC Universe’s Titans, the character description suggested he might be hiding his life as a contract killer from his family. But his children are definitely aware of their father’s double life.
Deadline reports Chelsea T. Zhang will play Rose Wilson — aka Ravager — in Titans‘ second season. According to the character description, Rose seeks out the Titans for their help in evading Slade. Like her father, she underwent a procedure which gives her heightened abilities. He also trained her to become a living weapon. But considering Titans is a show about rebellion, adding her to the mix makes a certain amount of sense.
Earlier in the week, the series also cast Chella Man to play Slade’s son Joseph Wilson — aka Jericho. Like Rose, he will also be fleeing from his father, whose attempt to rescue Joseph from assassin left the boy mute. But in joining the Titans, he offers them his unique ability to control others with a simple gaze into his eyes. Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, the character was a mainstay in 1980s New Teen Titans comics. Rose Wilson, meanwhile, was created by Wolfman and artist Art Nichols in 1992; although Wolfman and Perez created earlier Ravagers in the pages of New Teen Titans.
The new season of Titans was set to debut later this year, but may arrive in early 2020 instead.

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