Ubisoft Takes Starlink Players To The Crimson Moon

by Sage Ashford

Ubisoft’s open world space shooter “Starlink: Battle for Atlas” is receiving an update, as players are invited to the Crimson Moon. This area will alter the Atlas star system players have become a part of with additional story missions for factions, and add a lot of free and paid content.   The Crimson Moon is home to the Outlaw Games, which involves a bunch of new racing tracks for single- and two-players, as well as more combat in the form of a wave-based Crimson Colosseum.  There’s also five new pilots, three ships, and eleven new weapons available for purchase.

For Nintendo Switch players, the game will add more Star Fox content–where Peppy, Slippy, and Falco are added as pilots, with the classic crew hunting down Star Fox’s old enemy, Star Wolf.  All three of them will get their own skill trees and special abilities.  The Star Fox content will cost $11.99 and is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, PC players will get a chance to try Starlink as the game comes to PC on the same date as the update, April 30th.

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