Meet Valiant’s Psi-Lords In A Ten Page Preview

by Tony Thornley

The Valiant Entertainment relaunch in 2012 has brought us new versions nearly all of the company’s various IP’s. Now one fan favorite classic concept is returning, with some of Valiant’s most popular creators at the helm.

Cover by Rod Reis

Four astronauts wake up in an otherworldly prison with no memory of how they got there and incredible abilities. How did they get there? How will they escape? And what is their connection to mysterious cosmic beings called the Psi-Lords?!

The series comes from fan-favorites- writer Fred Van Lente, artist Renato Guedes, and letterer Dave Sharpe. Just from these ten pages you can see this is going to be unlike any other Valiant book we’ve seen, and it’s going to be a thrill ride.

Check out the preview below and pick up the series when it debuts on June 19 from Valiant Entertainment!

Cover by Jonboy Meyers

Letters by DAVE SHARPE
Cover A by ROD REIS
Cover C by ALAN QUAH
Cosmic Variant Cover by MARCO RUDY
Pre-Order Edition Cover by PAULINA GANUCHEAU
Blank Cover also available

  • The Psi-Lords make their debut in the modern-era Valiant Universe in a brand-new ongoing series!
  • But WHO are they? And where they heck are they?!
  • Prepare for a cosmic adventure like no other! 

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale JUNE 19th

Cover by Alan Quah
Cover by Marco Rudy
Pre-Order cover by Paulina Ganucheau

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