Hey Wood Opens In A Preview Of The Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale

by Erik Amaya


Get your Beebos ready, it’s almost time for the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow! And as this preview for the episode reveals, stopping Neron from collecting all the souls of Eyes users, the Legends will have to finish Hey Wood. Can Nate (Nick Zano) and the others convince the American people that they have nothing to fear from creatures of myth? Or will Neron make Earth Hell again with an influx of the newly damned?

There’s also the dragon to consider. Zari (Tala Ashe) managed to leave it with her younger self, which will no doubt inspire a life-long fascination with fantasy. I wonder if that means she and Nate will have more to talk about when the anomaly wave catches up with her.

Meanwhile, there’s not much to say about this week’s Legends other than “it was great.” Between Constantine’s (Matt Ryan) trip to Hell, the revaluation about fairy godmothers and Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellars) saving a garden gnome from the Time Bureau, this had it all. It also saw Gary (Adam Tsekhman) grow beyond his punchline into something more closely resembling a Legend. Glad his soul wasn’t claimed by Nero after all. In the meantime, I look forward to next week and how they wrap this all up.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays on The CW.

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