Skyward #13 Races To Fix The World

by Richard Bruton

Skyward is a great series, asking us the intriguing question…What would happen to the world if the gravity all but shut off? Chaos, obviously. But, increasingly, writer Joe Henderson, accompanied by some wonderful art and covers from Lee Garbett, is taking it very much in the direction of a Walking Dead style saga, low-G taking the place of the zombies as the obvious enemy, whilst the remaining humans prove to be the real danger.

Now, with the third story-arc, “Fix The World”, we’re really getting deep into things. It’s had a little dip, but this issue brings us another problem…just how incredibly fast things are going.

Now, I’m still, desperately, trying not to give much away here, as I’m aware that some of us read in bunches of singles, or by trades, and I’m really trying hard not to give things away, even though everything in here gives you plenty of clues.

To recap a little…Willa is somewhere new, somewhere different. Roger Barrow is here as well, pissed at the world, so much so that he’s trying to punch out the sun here. Yeah, it is a strange life, isn’t it?

And then there’s the mystery woman on the scene, the one whose story of just how she got here was the highlight of last issue.

But, although that trio of main cast members is somewhere else, they really need to get out, as Willa’s friend Edison is waiting for her in Chicago, which is under threat from those insect-flying farmers from the second story-arc. How is Willa going to get there? Will she make it in time? Just how is she going to escape? Well, without giving anything away, if you’ve read Skyward, you’ll probably know the answer to that one. (And if you don’t, then next issue’s cover rather gives it away.)

Now, as enjoyable as Skyward is, issue 13 brings up the question of pacing that I’ve questioned before. Frankly, the events of “Fix The World” are going way, way too fast.

Issue 11…Willa discovers the secret of her dad’s mission to fix the world, discovers the identity of the mystery woman, and has to come to terms with being somewhere completely new. Issue 12…Willa settles into her new surroundings and we get the entire back-story of the mystery woman. Now, in issue 13…we’re gone, leaving the place we only just discovered, in a frantic rush to get to Chicago.

To push The Walking Dead analogy once more, that’s a comic where things have always played out slowly when they needed to, and I can’t help thinking that Skyward just needs to settle down, slow everything down to allow both characters and readers to experience things in something other than a collection of mad dashes from one place to another.

Skyward Issue 13, Fix The World Part 3, written by Joe Henderson, art & cover by Lee Garbett, colors by Antonio Fabela, letters by Simon Bowland. Published by Image Comics on 15 May.

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