Ascender #2 Sees Magic Wage War On Science

by Tony Thornley

Not enough science fiction today shows mysticism and science clash. It’s a juxtaposition that creates some fascinating conflict, and Ascender #2 shows us what happens when one of those sides have won.

Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, and Steve Wands show us more of the universe as magic grasps to keep its iron rule intact.

Mila and her father Andy deal with the return of his long-lost robot companion, Bandit. Meanwhile, Mother’s forces, both near and far, rally to tighten their grip on the galaxy. Can Mila and Andy escape Mother’s reach, and what will it mean for the galaxy?

Even without knowledge of Descender Lemire makes this an impactful and emotionally resonant thriller. The impact on Andy is authentic, as is Mila’s worry about his reaction. Mother continues to be absolutely terrifying, and we see more of her grip on the remains of the galaxy. It’s all great set-up for an exciting tale to come.

Nguyen’s work is just beautiful. Andy’s reaction to seeing Bandit is almost entirely sold through his work, simply showing a man who’s lost so much regaining something he loved. Mother’s presence dominates the page, often framing her in close up, and keeping her the focus of the action when she’s on panel. He also has an amazing design sense, creating stunning new worlds and alien races.Add Nguyen’s painted colors and it’s simply one of the best looking series on the stands.

The conflict is building, and I’m in for the ride. I’m excited to see where this goes.

Ascender #2 is available now from Image Comics.

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