Sea Of Stars #2: Lost In Space, No Way To Survive… But This Dad Has Other Plans

by Richard Bruton

Lost in space, a son ripped away from his space-faring dad, Sea of Stars began last month with a doozy of a first issue, perfectly paced, great characters, loads of action, loads of fun. Second issue – more of the same basically, concentrating on dad rather that lil’ Kadyn, as he realises just how damn big a problem he’s got.

Basically, the whole comic, over these two issues, is just a joyful setup and great beginning to a tale that promises to be something special. You can read the review of issue 1 here at Comicon, where we met our cast, young lad Kadyn, who’s recently lost his mom, and his space pilot dad, Gil Starx. In just a few pages, Jason Aaron and co-writer Dennis Hallum really painted a beautifully vivid picture of the pair, complete with all the associated highs and lows of their lives. Kadyn, especially, was really brought to life for us, with his days a mix of boredom, adventuring amongst the cargo, and inescapable sadness over being without his mom.
And then something impossibly big bit their ship in half. Somehow Kadyn woke up alive and breathing stardust, accompanied by a couple of alien creatures, exploring just where he is and how on Earth he survived.

Now, with issue two, it’s time to concentrate on Kadyn’s dad, as he comes to terms with the fact that his son has gone missing, potentially thousands, maybe millions of miles away. It seems impossible, life support is failing, he hasn’t the first idea where Kadyn’s gone. But, brilliantly, what he does have, and has in spades, is love and determination…

And it’s that determination that sees him get on board an old and derelict space freighter, despite the lack of Oxygen, the defence system on board, and so much more… not just the fact they’re hurtling, unshielded, into hyperspace.
No, none of that matters, not to Gil. All he knows is that nothing is going to stop him from getting to Kadyn, nothing… not even this…

And as before, it’s all just beautifully brought to the page by Stephen Green‘s artwork and Rico Renzi‘s color work, really managing to capture the sheer enormity of both space and the trouble father and son are in, but still going small when it counts, both for detail and character moments.
For example, this wonderful little moment, towards the end, when we get to check in with Kadyn again, the close-up work quite lovely…

Yes, Sea of Stars really is a must-read for all of you, a comic that grabs you and just won’t let go.
Perfect stuff perfectly done.
SEA OF STARS – Lost in the Wild Heavens – Issue 2. Written by Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum, art by Stephen Green, colors by Rico Renzi, letters and design by Jared K. Fletcher
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