First Look: Fall Anime ‘Babylon’ Promo Video

by Sage Ashford

A new promotional video has been released for the upcoming series Babylon, an adaptation of a suspense drama novel from writer Mado Nozaki.
Babylon is a story following a public prosecutor Zen Seizaki.  Seizaki is working on a case related to a drug company and university and their illegal research.  One day, he stumbles on a file kept by an anethesiologist containing blood, hair, skin, and a strange paper covered in the letter F.  This investigation takes him down a deep hole, until he finds a very powerful politician currently seeking re-election at the top of it.
The series is being directed by Kiyotaka Suzuki, previously known for Infini-T Force. Character design is being handled by Keisuke Goto, known for his work on Yatterman and Yatterman Night.  Studios Revoroot and Twin Engine will be producing.
Babylon feels like a show which would be more likely to be adapted into a Japanese drama (which may still happen), given it’s focus on politics and suspense/drama over outright action, but at this point anime could use anything to help it stand out from season to season instead of shows nosing around in the same few genres over and over. The series launches this October alongside the other Fall series.

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