Batman #78 Tells An Unconventional Love Story

by Tony Thornley

To call the love story between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle anything but unconventional is a stretch. However, the crucial part of the story is whether the two acknowledge how it is, and whether they confront it. Batman #78 does exactly that.

Cover by Tony Daniel and Tomeu Morey

Tom King, Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles craft this interlude in the City of Bane.

Bruce and Selina appear to be vacationing in a tropical paradise. However, there’s definitely more to it than there seems, as the two reconnect and face their issues head on, while also training together to help Bruce get his edge back. WIll it be enough to face Bane, and what is the mysterious package that will turn the tide in this war?

In almost any other series, this issue might feel like pure set-up or simply spinning wheels before moving forward in the arc. However King turns this interlude into a character piece, one that’s much needed for its only two characters. He’s able to help the two of them work through their issues, and come to a realization about not only themselves as individuals, but also as a couple. It’s an engrossing read, especially for anyone who’s a fan of this “ship.”

Mann’s pencil work compliments King’s script perfectly. He keeps everything focused on Bruce and Selina, but he fills each page with breathtaking detail. The resort and island they have found themselves on is real, with crowds of people, gorgeous architecture, and astonishing vegetation. Morey fills the page with light and color, combining with Mann to make the issue feel like a film, rather than a comic.

Batman is nearly ready to confront Bane. In the wake of this issues, though will Selina be at his side?

Batman #78 is available now from DC Comics.

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