Frank Miller Revisits His Dark Knight Universe With Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child This December

by Olly MacNamee

Looks like Frank Miller ain’t done with squeezing every last drop out of his success on The Dark Knight Returns. Not satisfied with two sequels – The Dark Knight Strikes Again and Dark Knight III: Master Race (DKIII) – he’s now planning yet another entitled Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. And, while I found each of the aforementioned sequels weak and, in the case of DKIII, down right ridiculous and drawn out, the promise of Rafael Grampá on art has immediately won me over to picking up a copy when it debuts this December 11th. Just look at that cover! Amazing, isn’t it? And, as its a one-shot, even if the story isn’t all that, you know you won’t be investing into a long, drawn out run the likes of which DKIII was.

The story takes place three years after the events of Master Race, where Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Carrie Kelley, and Lara Kent overcame the renegade priest Quar and his cult of Kandorian fanatics in their bid to convert humanity into worshipping them as gods. During this interim, Lara has spent time learning about what it means to be human, while Carrie has grown into her role as Gotham City’s new protector, Batwoman.
When a terrifying evil returns to Gotham City, Lara and Carrie team up to take on this new threat, but this time with a secret weapon—Jonathan Kent. Known as the “Golden Child,” Jonathan possesses power unlike anything the world has ever seen and could be all that stands in the way of the destruction of Gotham City, as well as the whole planet.

It comes with a variety of covers featuring the art of Paul Pope, Joëlle Jones, Andy Kubert  and Frank Miller himself and will be published under DC’s Black Label imprint. It’s 48 pages long and will cost you $5.99.

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