Cara Buono And Mitch Pileggi To Recur As Ancient Aliens In Supergirl’s Fifth Season

by Erik Amaya

Supergirl is about to get a dose of ancient aliens.
Deadline reports Stranger Things‘ Cara Buono and The X-Files‘s Mitch Pileggi will recur in the fifth season of The CW superhero show. Buono will play Gamemnae while Pileggi play Rama Khan. Both are described as “ancient aliens” secretly directing the destiny of mankind on Earth-38. Rama Khan is, essentially, the Avatar, but his current plans for the world put him at odds with Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) and Kara (Melissa Benoist). Gamemnae, meanwhile, plots to use technology in a bid to subjegate humans … which makes it sound like she may be the entity behind Supergirl‘s version Leviathan.
Or it could be a huge misdirect.
Either way, the pair are great actors and will no doubt bring a lot of the show. But we hope it takes a page from The Flash and uses multiple villains throughout the year. Last season’s big bad, Agent Liberty, was such a failure that it took Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) to right the ship and maybe the notion of season-long big bads no longer works for the Arrowverse.
Supergirl returns October 6th on The CW.

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